Therapy Monitoring Monographs

Therapy Monitoring Monographs Database:

This information will assist pharmacists, medical and nursing staff in monitoring patients/residents for signs and symptoms of Adverse Drug Reactions. The information includes:

  • Name of the Medication Being Administered (Brand and/or Generic Name)
  • How to Administer
  • Possible Adverse Reactions

Therapy Monitoring Monographs are available as:

  1.  A database to be licensed and incorporated into various software platforms. Possible uses include: Electronic Medical Records, Medical/Pharmacy software, as well as mobile applications — wherever Patient Drug Information can be accessed.
  2. Labels to be affixed to various medication dispensing vials and packages.

Possible Uses: This information has been designed to fit on the various punch cards utilized by pharmacists when they dispense medications for patients residing in various facilities; i.e. Assisted Living, Group Homes, Correctional Facilities, Nursing Facilities, or simply reside in their home with a caregiver.

Please note: The information provided is designed to assist in, and not replace, professional judgement. Professional judgement must always be used when considering what type of information is supplied to the patient.

Therapy Monitoring Monographs are currently available for the following drugs. If you don’t see what you need, just ask. Our list is constantly being updated.