Patient Medication Advisories

Patient Medication Advisories Database: (Rx and OTC items)

A more in-depth document, written in layman’s terms, that address the following:

  • Name of the Medication (Brand and/or Generic Name)
  • What the Medication is Used For
  • Proper Use (How and When to Take/Administer)
  • Important Information to Remember: What to Avoid, etc.
  • Possible Side Effects
  • Missed Dose Instructions
  • General Information for all Medications


The Patient Medication Advisories are available as:

1. A database to be licensed and incorporated into various software platforms. Possible uses include: Electronic Medical Records, Medical/Pharmacy software, as well as mobile applications — wherever Patient Drug Information can be accessed.

2. As an individual PDF leaflet (2 page) to be printed and presented to the patient at the medication consultation or at point of dispensing. Patient can review at their leisure.

Please note: The information provided is designed to assist in, and not replace, professional judgement. Professional judgement must always be used when considering what type of information is supplied to the patient.