Comprehensive Medication Counseling Database (CMCD™)

)Drug Knowledge’s databases are written and designed for the patient; meaning the databases can be used by any healthcare professional during a medication counseling session with their patient OR distributed to the patient to read in the leisure of their home.

Drug Knowledge’s proprietary Drug Informational Databases make up the Comprehensive Medication Counseling Database (CMCD™). With over 220,000 products and dosage forms, the CMCD™ includes the following databases:

Mini Medication Messages Database

Patient Medication Advisories Database (2 page leaflets)

Therapy Monitoring Monographs Database




Comprehensive Medication Counseling Database (CMCD™) will be licensed with the intent of having the information incorporated into:


  • ASCII Text Format for system downloading
  • Sent weekly or monthly as determined by client

Electronic Media

Medical and Pharmacy Software, Patient Websites, E-Prescribing Systems, Mobile Application for Drug Information (APPS)

Printed as:

  • Labels
  • Leaflets

Databases Updated and Maintained as:

New Drugs, Additional Dosage Forms, and New Clinical Information is released on Existing Medications (Rx and OTC).