Mini Medication Messages Database™ contains short descriptors with graphical depictions used as reminders of:

  • How to Take
  • When to Take
  • Products/Foods to be Avoided
  • Possible Side Effects

The Mini Medication Messages are available as:

  1.  A database to be licensed and incorporated into various software platforms. Possible uses include: Electronic Medical Records, Medical/Pharmacy software, as well as mobile applications — wherever Patient Drug Information can be accessed.
  2. Labels to be affixed to various medication dispensing vials and packages.

Please note: When utilized, the mini medication messages serve as reminders to the patient of the advice given by the pharmacist/physician/nurse during a medication consultation session.

The information provided is designed to assist in, and not replace, professional judgement. Professional judgement must always be used when considering what type of information is supplied to the patient.

Available Mini-Medication Messages: